Directed by:
Amichai Greenberg
Performed by:
Ori Pfeffer, Rivka Gur, Orna Rotenberg, Hagit Dasberg
94 Minutes
English, German and Hebrew
English Subtitles

"The Testament is a riveting and intriguing mystery. A different kind of Holocaust tale, as well as a thoughtful exploration of the nature of identity"

Co-presented by the Embassy of Israel in Singapore as part of The International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

THE TESTAMENT, focuses on Dr. Yoel Halberstam (Ori Pfeffer), an Israeli historian with the Jerusalem Holocaust Institute, who is leading a high-profile court battle to preserve a site in Austria where 200 Jewish forced labourers were massacred and buried in March 1945. But the Israeli team working to preserve the site are racing a ticking clock, as the Austrian town of Lendsdorf is preparing to build on the site and is demanding proof of a mass grave before halting that plan. The problem is that witnesses are few and no one knows the exact location of the mass grave.

Halberstam must find it before the deadline set by the court runs out. While going through some classified testaments taken for an earlier investigation, Halberstam is startled to find his own mother’s name.

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Embassy of Israel in Singapore

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